• Driven Learner and Avid People Person

    Fueled by bits of sarcasm and quite a bit of coffee

    I'm Bright

    and a graduate of the University of Sioux Falls majoring in Marketing Project Management. Additionally, I graduated from Southeast Technical Institute majoring in Marketing Design.


    I'm an Advocate

    for the underdogs, and actual dogs.


    I'm Driven

    to succeed and accomplish the tasks at hand.

    I'm Responsible

    with a budget tighter than a hipsters jeans.


    I'm Savvy

    with some tech stuff like, Adobe Creative Suite

    Microsoft Suite


    and NGP

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  • Zoe Schiffer

    Look Sharp


    "Adam is a complete rockstar! He regularly contributed high-level content to the Looksharp blog, always taking the time to do thorough research and present thoughtful, relevant information. He is an extremely talented writer and I would recommend him anywhere without hesitation."


    Dennis Daugaard, South Dakota Governor

    South Dakota Great Service Award


    "I especially like this program because it recognizes the people who take individual responsibility to care for those who are guests."


    Thomas Christiansen

    President of The Center for Equality


    "Adam is a hard worker, fast learner, and he steps up to the plate to get things done. When there was a need for a better way for The Center to handle volunteering, Adam stepped up and took on the responsibilities as Volunteer Coordinator. He also serves on other committees and is a real asset to The Center for Equality."



  • Rebranding, Logo Creation and Marketing

    The South Dakota Peace and Justice Center

    Logo Creation

    From a sun and clouds, to an impactful and bold logo. This logo means business, and so does the Peace and Justice Center. 

    Website Overhaul

    Creating an all new website featuring events, volunteer connections and fundraising options.

    Social Media

    Crafted meaningful posts to get our audience involved. 

  • Latanda Salmen, LLC

    Logo Design & Social Media 

    Caring Conversations

    Latanda's goal is to help others find their bravery. 

    LGBT Pride 

    Latanda is a proud advocate and ally for the LGBT community. This is the cover photo she will use on all of her social media channels. 

  • Pro-Chocolate

    NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota's largest fundraiser

    Design Concept

    This year incorporated artwork for live auction, so a canvass theme was a great choice. A canvass theme was carried out through all marketing channels.


    Each ticket had the same canvass background and colors.

    Social Media.

    Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising tactics were used averaging over 1,000 impressions per post.


    Over 150 attendees, grossed over $10,000 in funds raised and auctioned off over 100 items!

  • The t benefit w/ the center for equality

    Event Planning, Fundraising and Talent Management

    First Time Fundraiser

    Planned to benefit Transgender Services at

    The Center for Equality



    200 PEOPLE


  • Sioux Falls Pride

    Event Planning, Advertising and Volunteer Management


    Holistic Approach

    Utilized several different platforms.

    Radio, Web, Social Media, Print and Word of Mouth.

    Event Planning

    Dedicated 15-20 ours per week, for 9 months on a volunteer basis

    Collaborated with a team of volunteer board / community members to plan a very successful LGBT Pride in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This year garnered over 5,000 attendees.

    Volunteer Management

    Recruited and managed, 50+ volunteers over 14 hours

    Provided detailed direction and consistent follow up with feedback before, after and during the event. 


    Most Successful Pride Yet! 

    Estimated attendance: 5,000+

    Estimated revenue: $25,000+

  • The Vagina Monologues

    Graphic Design and Facebook Marketing
    (not used for official marketing purposes)


    Print, 11x17


    Audition Announcement


    Event Announcement

  • Digital Marketing

    Newsletters, Campaigns and Social Media

    Give a Damn! 

    Partnership with the Center for Equality

    Crafted to spread awareness of LGBT Youth Suicide, and how we can partner to bring the numbers to zero. 

    Volunteering at Pride 2015

    Recruiting Volunteers for Pride 2015 at the Center for Equality

    Created to increase awareness for volunteer opportunities at Pride 2015. 

    Out & About Newsletter

    July 2015 Newsletter

    Created after the monumental Supreme Court ruling on Marriage Equality! Also focuses on events coming up at the Center for Equality. 

    1,300 Like Post


    Highlighting a milestone of the Center for Equality's social media success! 

    Event Marketing

    Facebook / Twitter

    Used to remind patrons of an upcoming letter writing party hosted by the South Dakota Peace and Justice Center. 

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